Sync your Jewellery to Complement your Wardrobe

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Accessories can make or break an outfit. We read the fashion police
praising celebs to high heaven when they make the right choice, and
tearing them down to shreds for a single faux pas.

Ask any stylist, you will get answer pat, “It is never about the
clothes, it is ALWAYS about the Accessories darling”
So, how do we become experts at choosing our accessories so they enhance
our wardrobe and not make us look like the latest stooge for the fashion
First never buy for beauty sans utility. Look at an accessory and see if
it actually compliments you. For example, belts turn the drabbest
outfits into runway lookalikes, but that doesn’t mean you pick the first
you see. Get inspired by the magazines, people around you and their
style, but never ever seek to ape. Study your physique to find out what
suits you best.
Always be honest to yourself. Scrutinize yourself. See what suits you
and your personality, whether a beautifully structured scarf works for
you more than a stole or hats sit pretty on your head, always remember
that you are unique and so your accessories should reflect that.
The purpose of the jewellery can’t be negated. When we are buying
something to be the focal point of our outfit, we make it a point to see
that it lives up to the challenge. Whether we want a pop of colour to a
simple one-piece dress with chunky pieces or something delicate, like a
little pendant, for an ethereal feel… purpose of the jewellery must be
met with.
Once the style, personality and the purpose have been established the
intended event follows. One must dress up with accessories in keeping
with the occasion No point looking like a Christmas tree at a day party
or a drab little wallflower at a soiree. Perhaps it is a blind date
where you want to attract with something understated and not intimidate
with a bold statement piece. Button earrings for a night about town will
look just as out of place as sexy chandeliers in an office.
Make sure that the texture of your clothes is suitable to the jewellery,
For example pearls go with chiffon or georgette while silks and satin
support some sparklers. Cotton works really well with natural material
like wood, ceramic while white calls for something discrete and elegant.

Pay some attention and you too can outshine any diva. More will follow