Wedding Rings For Women – Spicing Up The Traditional Band

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The seamless gold band sitting on your ring finger, on your left hand
remains as the only reminder of your wedding day, a day you hold close
to your heart. It brings back memories of the vows, your wedding cake,
the toast to good health and the endless dancing. Everytime you look at
your wedding ring, you want to be happy you picked it. You also want it
to be symbolic of the beautiful relationship you share with your spouse.

It is the responsibility of the groom to purchase the wedding band. Many
men struggle to find a ring that will be aesthetically appealing to
their brides. While most prefer to go shopping with their brides-to-be,
a few want to keep it a surprise. So, if you are getting married soon
and are out shopping for wedding bands, here’s how to choose women’s
wedding rings.

Decide on a Metal

Gold and platinum are the classic metal choices for wedding jewelry. A
few do go in for silver, but the number is small. It is best to choose a
metal your fiancée likes. If you find it hard to decide, choose a metal
the same as the engagement ring. When going for gold, there is a choice
of colors. There is yellow-gold, gold with a peachy-rosy hue and white
gold. The metal component is also important for it determines the
strength, hardness and durability of the ring.
 Platinum is one of the most popular metal choices for wedding jewelry today. It is highly durable,
but slightly expensive. Men have one more choice in men’s tungsten
rings. You can also consider the tungsten metal for women.

Stone Embellishments

As per tradition, wedding rings are supposed to be seamless bands
because they are symbolic of the seamless and eternal relationship that
exists between a husband and wife. Valuable stones are a dominant
feature of engagement rings. However, it is not a hard and fast rule.
You can have precious stones embedded in the metal band. Diamonds are a
beautiful accent on a wedding ring for women. You can choose to have
your wife’s birthstone set into the metal band. Precious stones increase
the cost of the ring. If your budget does not permit a precious metal at
present, you can always have it upgraded for your first anniversary.

Style and Design

Women’s wedding rings are usually thinner and smaller in size. You can
get a ring for your fiancée to match your design or share the same
accents. The Celtic bands are another popular design when it comes to
wedding rings.

Purchasing Wedding Rings for Women

Visiting a local jewelry outlet or an online one will give you access to
a better selection of wedding rings for women. There you can choose from
a myriad range of metal choices, designs, gemstone embellishments and
sizes. You should purchase jewelry at a reputed jeweler. You can also
ask to jeweler if he can custom-order a design for you. Shopping online
does not only gives you access to a wider selection but also better
deals on the price.