Tips For Choosing Great Flower Girl Dresses

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Written by: Branka Ilech

If you’re planning a wedding, you may be tempted
to just buy a cute white dress for your flower girl, and have her carry
a bouquet that matches yours. After all, she’s just a kid, right? And if
she looks adorable, the guests will be pleasantly pleased.

Well there’s a bit more to it than that. Let’s first take a quick look
at the flower girl tradition.

Starting with the middle ages, flower girls were assigned a special job;
to walk down the wedding aisle ahead of the bride and groom and spread
grain (not flowers) in order to pave the way for a new beginnings,
fertility and happiness in the marriage.

Today’s flowers girls usually carry rose petals, and while they aren’t
believed to have special powers that will grant the new couple a
harmonious relationship, they do tend to set the tone for a wedding.

Think about the last wedding you attended. If the flower girls came out
in formal dark colored dresses, you quickly understood that the wedding
would have a formal tone. On the other hand, if they came out in wispy
flower girl dresses with roses laced into their hair, you knew that you
would experience a more whimsical wedding.

In other words, the flower girls are generally the first part of the
wedding party to walk down the isle, and because of that, they will make
a strong first impression on your guests.

How will you dress your flower girls?

Here are some flower girl dress ideas for the most popular wedding
themes around:

Cinderella Wedding Theme

If you are planning a Cinderella wedding theme, then extravagance and
beauty should be a part of everything. And since your flower girls will
be the first to appear, they need to set the tone boldly. For this
theme, you should have more than one flower girl-three or four would be
ideal-and then dress them spectacularly. Choose frilly white dresses
with huge skirts and satin bows. You can tie in some of your wedding
colors by adding fresh pale pink, yellow or blue flowers to their hair.
In addition, they should wear satin ballerina slippers. Have them carry
baskets decorated to match their dresses and throw tons of soft rose
petals along the isle.

Beach Wedding Theme

Depending on the type of beach wedding that you want, you will have
various choices with your flower girl dresses. If you want a romantic
beach wedding, then put your flower girls in soft pastel tones or white,
and use lots of fresh flowers-both in their hair and for them to throw.
The flower girl wedding dresses can be shorter than in a formal wedding,
and appropriate sandals would set the tone nicely. Instead of a basket,
they could carry a pastel painted beach bucket filled to the rim with
wildflowers to scatter along the isle.

If you have a stronger, more colorful beach wedding planned, why not
have some fun with the flower girl dresses? Putting them in typical
beach dresses to match your wedding dcor would immediately let the
wedding guests know that your wedding will be fun and adventurous.

Roaring 20’s Wedding

Imagine a black and white wedding, wing tips shoes and ostrich feathers.
That’s the idea behind a roaring 20 wedding theme, and as you can
imagine, a precious frilly flower girl dress simply won’t fit the bill.
With this type of gutsy wedding, you will have to get imaginative with
them. Why not dress your flower girls in white satin flapper girl
dresses, with bands around their hair and beads around the hemline? With
this type of dress, you will certainly hear ooh and ahs from the crowd!

Garden Party Wedding

If you dream of an outdoor wedding surrounded by blooming flowers and
ivy-laced arches, then your flower girl dresses should take on an
entirely different style. White, off-white or pale pastel linen would be
an ideal choice. In addition, a beautiful soft cotton dress with a muted
flower pattern would be lovely, tied with a large solid satin bow in the
back. Add lace up satin sandals and an armful of colorful tulips, and
your guests won’t be likely to forget your flower girls for some time to

As you can see, your flower girl dresses will set the mood of your
entire event. Don’t just automatically dress your flower girls in the
typical dress, but instead get creative. What is the first thing you
want your guest to see?