Being the “nice girl” at work has its perks: introverted girls how to get rid of “nice girl” image

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Being the “nice girl” at work has its perks— everyone gravitates
toward you because you’re always trying to please other people. However,
in terms of getting what you want in your career and having your career
progress at the rate you want it to, being too “nice” might hinder you.
Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It advises to “get
outside your comfort zone and be willing to deal with other people’s
discomfort, because if you spend your life making other people
comfortable, you may feel good, but you’re not going to get what you
really want.

To get ahead at work, you need to be more assertive, but you don’t have
to be too aggressive about it — there are ways to do it in a positive
manner. Here are some tips Frankel has for women to drop the “nice” act:

Leverage Your Relationships: If you have cultivated a great network and
relationships, don’t feel bad about reaching out to someone for help.
Many “nice girls” feel bad asking others for help, but they need to get
over that and take advantage of the relationships they worked hard to

Don’t Say Yes All the Time: Pick and choose what you’ll say yes to, and
be sure to “manage people’s expectations” by stating your limitations
about the project and what you’ll realistically be able to get done。

Use Less Words: Instead of talking too much, try to make your messages
succinct and to the point. Frankel says, “Women tend to use more words
than men because they either feel as if they have to compensate for
something or prove themselves.” Use less words and gestures. Be sure to
be mindful of filler words such as “like” and “uh-huh” as well。