You Become a Conduit of Light

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Have you ever been around someone who immediately put you at ease?
Perhaps you may be one of those people who others feel safe around.

What is the common thread in people who emanate warmth? Some may
think it is related to personality or physical appearance. But this does
little to explain why bright beacons of light can be found anywhere.
Essence has nothing to do with our exterior.

I like to believe the common thread is a universal trait we are all
able to tap into. When we see the truth of who we are and wholeheartedly
love every part of that truth, we automatically shine. When we embrace
our essence and live in congruence with who we are, we radiate peace.

Every day we can choose to wake up and see the gift of getting to be
who we are. When we decide to live from this way of “being,” it becomes
easy to see this same light and gift in everyone — even those who may
not yet see it in themselves.

The benefits of self-love are many. What I know to be true without a
doubt in my heart, is that we are all capable of giving this gift to

These words help me remember why embracing my essence is always the
best thing to do. Perhaps this may resonate with where you are.

When you love who you are,

you become a conduit of light.

Just drop into your heart space,

and live life from this view.

For all of this doing

is not who you are.

Listen to your heart’s soft whisper,

this voice will show you the way.

Live life from your essenceis what she will say.

See the light in yourself,

and your world will be bright.

There is no need to worry,

you are exactly as you should be;

remember to love who you are,

and love you will see.