5 More Things Women Expect Men to Know How to Do

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There are just certain skills we assume men are born with—like these
10 things women expect men to know how to do. Here are five more talents women believe should be inherent to the male sex.

1. Hang a shelf.
For some reason, hanging a shelf is always way more complicated than we
think it’s going to be. So many things can go wrong. It ends up crooked
or not anchored to the wall correctly. That’s where you come in. Please
be skilled at hanging shelves. We hate doing it.

2. Tie a tie properly.
We will probably eventually attend a wedding together. At a wedding it
is likely that you will run into old friends, family members and maybe
even exes. So we’re gonna need you to look great, and that involves a
great tie… tied correctly.

3. Start a fire.
Is there anything more manly than starting a fire? It dates back to the
origin of your species. Man makes fire. If you don’t know how to build a
decent fire, either outdoors or in a fireplace, well, we’re just
embarrassed for you.

4. Kill any and all threatening bugs.
We are strong, independent women; but the fact remains that bugs are
scary and gross. So it is up to you to take care of any insects that cross our path. If we see a bug, you must immediately locate it and dispose of it. Under no circumstances are you to playfully chase us with the dead carcass.

5. Deal with all questionable sounds at night.
When we hear a strange sound in the middle of the night, you are to investigate it. Yes, even if you didn’t hear it. Even if you’re sure we imagined it. Even if it was obviously just the cat. Basically, 90 percent of the reason we even want a boyfriend is so we don’t have to lay awake worrying that the weird sound was a murderer breaking in. The other 10 percent is the bug-killing perk.

Photo: iStock/BraunS
By Erica Young